Feb 3, 2015

Nanoblock | Tokyo Skytree

Today I've finished assembling my Tokyo Skytree Nanoblock. It's my 8th Nanoblock I owned and the biggest one.

I've been collecting Nanoblocks for a few months now. The interest started because my brother obsession towards Lego and my house is basically a Lego store (not really). I was hesitant of buying because at first I thought they're a little bit expensive, especially the cool ones sold in Indonesia are brought by unauthorized sellers. That's why right now if I'm buying in Indonesia I'd only buy the small one which is about $10 or something in Toys City (by the way, I went to Toys City in Pondok Indah Mall and they are gone from their usual shelf! I haven't ask the store yet but if any of you know whether or not they are still available here please tell me)

Anyway, my mom bought me this in Japan for 2500 yen which I believe is cheaper than in Indonesia. Because of the height and structure I had a rough time building this. It needs a very gentle touch to make it balanced and well-attached. I happen to be a clumsy person so despite of having small fingers it was so hard to build it. It supposed not to be this crooked but because I didn't attached some of the parts precisely it became too crooked and loose. Well, at least it stands.

I will rebuild this someday but right just let them sit for awhile in my cabinet.

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