Feb 24, 2015

Meet My Cat Yuki

Let me introduce you to my cat, Yuki.
If you know me, then you must have known about my love towards cat. In September 2014 I adopted a cat from a friend of my mother and I named him Yuki. He was 2 months old when I adopted him and was in the better condition compared to the other kittens there. Well, he was really dirty but I supposed that was because the previous owner kept the cats in their backyard. The previous owner had 17 cats, so I thought she may be overwhelmed with the cats and that is why the kittens were really dirty and some of them even lost their fur on many places. What I didn't know was that the kitten that I picked (and I believe other kittens and cats there) had some kind of fungal disease on its skin and apparently it had spread all over his body. At some point it also infected me on my arms, feet, and even my thigh. I still had marks on the skin and they are ugly. Eventually the disease made Yuki lost his fur and I must say he was not the best looking kitten.

It took us months to treat him and we did almost everything that we can do. After we took him to the vet, my mom trimmed the fur where the skin was infected, I bathe him every 3 days, and we give him medicine every single morning, which was not an easy task.

Yuki is 7 months old now, his fur has grown back and he is as fluffy as he can be :). I still bathe him once a week because I'm afraid he still have the fungus but overall he is healthy. Too bad because of the disease, I didn't get to hold him as much as I wanted to because my skin was already infected severely and my mom didn't want it to get worse. I think he grew up a bit unfriendly but I'm trying to make up for the lost time. He used to hate to be touched but now he enjoy me petting him and show me his belly every time I do it and that's a good sign!

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