Feb 13, 2015

Korea | Mt. Seorak, Everland, Seoul

Day 4:
We visited Mount Seorak (Seoraksan) in the morning. It was the second highest mountain in Korea and we can ride a cable car to the top. Few years ago my mom went there and she said the place was covered by snow, the kind of soft snow that can be used to make snowball (because those in Nami Island was more like shaved ice). Too bad this time the mountain wasn't snowy enough.

We stayed in a ski resort that night and I played ski for the first time in my life. I failed miserably. Also I didn't take any pictures since my phone was overheated (which confused me because it was  really cold)

Day 5:
After taking breakfast, we went to Everland theme park. Because we only had 2 hours there I didn't ride anything beside the safari ride. After that we finally get to explore Seoul. At first we wanted to ride cable car to N Seoul Tower but the queue was really long that day so we decided to ride the cable car on the next day. In the evening we shopped at Hongdae street and Dongdaeumun area (no pictures, too busy shopping)

 Day 6:
We went to Gyeongbok Palace early in the morning. The place was huge. I still want to explore every inch of it but (again) I had so little time. We also ride the cable car to N Seoul Tower and get to see the famous love locks. After that we visited some "speciality" stores selling ginseng and other supplements which was boring (we had to visit it because it was in our tour package). After that we shopped again in Myeongdong area.

To be honest I wasn't entirely satisfied with my trip because we went there with a travel company and the tour package was so packed we couldn't really enjoy the places as we wanted to. That is why I hope to visit the country again.

Thank you for reading!

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