Feb 1, 2015

Korea | Jeju and Nami Island

My family and I went to South Korea in December 2014. It was my first winter experience and I must say travelling in that kind of season is not for me. I can't stand the cold and the thick clothes and coats we brought made our baggage much more heavier than it should be. 

But anyway, it's still a very wonderful experience. South Korea is so beautiful! I can't wait to go back.

Day 1:
Arrived at Incheon on 10 in the morning and then had lunch in the restaurant on our way to Gimpo Airport before we took a plane to Jeju in the afternoon (as if 8 hours of flight was not enough). First day in Jeju wasn't much, we only visited a underground shopping district and Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) which in my opinion didn't look like dragon at all. 

Oh and I tasted my first banana milk! In the end of trip I ended up buying 8 cartons of them because it was crazy good.

Day 2:
We went around Jeju island to visit their tourist destinations: 1) Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, 2) Seongsup Folk Village, 3) Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak), and 4) Trick Art Museum. Jeju was really warm compared to Seoul. At the Sunrise Peak I didn't even need my coat when we hiked to the peak because the weather was really good, although it did snowed somewhere in the island on our way to Trick Art Museum. We also watched Nanta Show later that day. The show was hilarious, I recommend everyone to watch it when you visit Korea.

Day 3:
Went back to Incheon in the morning and went straight to Nami Island. The place was covered by snow! I believe there were so many things to do in the island because there are a lot of cafes and snack vendors but since we only got 2 hours to stroll around, we just went to their most popular spot, which is a road with lines of big trees, the one that you can see in the drama Winter Sonata. Not far from the road you can also see a beautiful frozen Han river.

Later I will post pictures of my days in Mt. Sorak, Everland, and Seoul. Bye!

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