Jan 28, 2015

A Comeback

After 7 years blogging on my old blog, I decided to start fresh and make a new one.

In the past few years I've been neglecting my blog, a lot. I remember I only write 2 posts in 2014. The main reason was because I don't really use my camera anymore (since my blog was basically a photoblog). I use my phone to take pictures instead, so it's not really blog worthy and why bother exporting them to computer if I can just post it on Instagram? 

BUT, I really miss blogging and taking pictures, so now I'm trying to start a new one and hopefully stick with it, because I think a blog really captures how someone progress in life (have you seen my old blog? I was that kind of teenager that whines about everything. I sometimes read those posts again just to laugh at myself). So as a reminder, I won't delete my old blog since it holds a lot of memories, but I'm not going to post anything there anymore.